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Velkommen til Lyden Af Et Bedre Liv podcasten. Tjek Mannahs danske hjemmeside her: , hvor du kan booke terapi, astrologi eller energi-arbejde.


Oct 1, 2017

For me New Age has been the forbidden fruit for most of my life as I believed there was only one God and I was certainly not Him. Now I am trying to connect the good values religion/Christianity taught me with the spirituality, I found in yoga. Even though my guest today speaks about god being us, there occurs to me to be many similarities in new age to the viewpoints of the Pentecostal churches, but that precise comparative analysis is for another episode.
 This is a special episode with a great teacher, the sweet and knowledgeable Sarah-Jane Perman. She teaches yoga, but to me yoga seems to be just a tiny part of what she represents and passes on to especially women. It’s an ancient wisdom, occultism, a way of life, a mystic living made natural and joyful. Sarah-Jane talks to me about receiving messages, being creative beings, the frequency of love, remembering our power and why we are here on earth.
 You have to tune in to this magic interview about spirit, about daring and about how she and her husband met.
I even have her – unprepared- sing a little mantra in the end, a song for the earth, because to me the repetitive singing opens up “something”. It changes the energy in the room, even in the body.
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